Stingray Studio : Objective Toolkit User’s Guide : Chapter 8 Docking Windows : Customizing Objective Toolkit Docking Windows
Customizing Objective Toolkit Docking Windows
This section describes how you can modify the behavior of Objective Toolkit docking windows code.
Key Extended Control Bar Members
SECControlBar::m_bOptimizedRedrawEnabled. A static boolean variable that enables the redraw optimizations that eliminate extra redraws and flicker when set to TRUE. We have tested this to ensure no redraw problems exist when redraw optimizations are in effect. However, if your control bars are not being redrawn properly, set this member to false and see if the problems persist. If necessary, please contact Professional Services, as discussed in “Professional Services” in the Getting Started part.
For more information, see “Key WDI Methods and Data Members.” The same key members exist in the SECControlBar class as in SECWorkbookWnd/SECWorksheetWnd.