Extended ControlBar Styles
The SECControlBar class introduces extended control bar styles. Set these extended control bar style bits via the m_dwExStyle class variable of the SECControlBar::Create() method. Here is an overview of the extended control bar styles that can be set for any class derived from SECControlBar.
Table 27 – Extended Control Bar Styles 
Extended Style Flag
When the extended control bar style is set, the control bar is automatically given the standard context menu items (for example, Show/Hide and Allow Docking).
The control bar is automatically stretched when resized so that all child windows of the control bar are proportionally scaled to fit the new size exactly. If you require a custom form of resize handling, do not set this extended style and override SECControlBar::OnSize().
Draw a border around the bar.
Leave border space for ease of dragging. This style causes a very wide border around the client area of the window while floating.
Control bar can be re-parented by an MDI child window. Set this style if you want the control bar to have a context menu item that allows the control bar to be floated as a normal MDI child window. This style can only be used in MDI applications.
Size the (single) child to fit.
The control bar can be sized horizontally or vertically but not diagonally (for example, a toolbar). The control bar can be sized in only one direction per sizing operation.
Floating buttons, no border. This style only applies to toolbars.
Draw the dragging gripper.
Draw the close button on gripper.
Expand/contract control bar button.
CBRS_EX_COOLBORDERS | CBRS_EX_GRIPPER | CBRS_EX_GRIPPER_CLOSE | CBRS_EX_GRIPPER_EXPAND Gives the control bar the cool look – a flat, painted look similar to the control bars seen in Microsoft Visual Studio. These extended style options allow you to customize the cool look for your application. By default, the customizable toolbars are: CBRS_EX_COOLBORDERS | CBRS_EX_GRIPPER; all other control bars are CBRS_EX_COOL. Note: Gripper requires coolborders, and Close requires Gripper. In addition, the gripper drawing code has been made virtual, so you can easily plug in your own gripper or modify the existing gripper with just one or two overrides.
Control bar always occupies entire row (menubars).
Toolbar buttons drawn transparently.
Do not become large unless a large object is dropped on bar.
NOTE >> The extended control bar styles are distinct from the window styles to avoid value collisions.