Stingray Studio : Objective Toolkit User’s Guide : Chapter 19 ActiveScript Hosting Framework
Chapter 19 ActiveScript Hosting Framework
Objective Toolkit includes an MFC-compatible ActiveScript engine that gives MFC applications complete access to Microsoft’s ActiveScript technology so they can host scripts. With Microsoft’s ActiveX scripting technology (Internet Client SDK), you can host VBScript or any other compliant scripting language in your own application.
Internet Explorer includes DLLs that implement a VBScript and JavaScript scripting engine. By implementing several required COM interfaces, your C++ code can expose automation objects that you can control with a VBScript script.
Objective Toolkit includes MFC extension classes that provide a default implementation of these COM interfaces and wrap these interfaces as an MFC extension. This makes it easier to incorporate scripting into your own MFC-based applications.
Objective Toolkit’s ActiveScript framework supports two scripting languages– JavaScript and VBScript.