Stingray Studio : Objective Toolkit User’s Guide : Chapter 3 The Objective Toolkit AppWizard
Chapter 3 The Objective Toolkit AppWizard
The Objective Toolkit AppWizard enables developers to generate MFC projects with functional built-in Objective Toolkit options. The AppWizard includes every standard MFC AppWizard step that you need to create a ready-to-build program template in addition to the steps you need to enable the most popular features of Objective Toolkit. These features include:
*Cool Look toolbar
*Customizable toolbar
*Menu Bar
*Bitmap Menus
*WorkBook interface
*Workspace management (persistence)
*Docking Windows (tree control, 2D and 3D tab windows, Shortcut Bar, or owner-draw).
*Docking Views
*Layout Manager
*Model View Controller Architecture
In addition, the resulting project automatically includes all the necessary Objective Toolkit header and resource files. The Objective Toolkit AppWizard is available for all supported versions of the Visual Studio compiler.
NOTE >> Based on the project type (SDI, MDI, or dialog), certain features may or may not be available. Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) is enabled for all projects generated by the AppWizard.
Figure 2 shows an example of an AppWizard-generated project with a docked shortcut bar and the workbook interface.
Figure 2 – Sample Application Generated Using AppWizard