Chapter 7 1stGrid Tutorial
In this section, you will learn how to create a small application that uses Objective Grid. The name of that application is 1stGrid and it uses Objective Grid as a view.
The tutorial takes you through the following major steps:
*Step 1 - Generate a skeleton application with a CGXGridView derived view class.
*Step 2 - Add Edit|Find, Edit|Redo and View|Properties menu handlers for the grid view.
*Step 3 - Add document/view serialization and splitter view support to the application.
The code for Steps 1 and 3 is located at <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Grid\Tutorial\1stGrid\[Step1|Step3]. The project filename is 1stGrid*.vcproj. Code for Step 2 is included in the Step 3 project. If you're simply reading along with the tutorial without adding code, you can still compile 1stGrid at each step to see what it looks like and how it behaves. For each step, go to the specific subdirectory and open the solution.
The code for Step 2 of the tutorial is available on the Perforce Web site, as described in “Location of Sample Code” in the Getting Started part.
The following sections show step by step how to develop this application.
Figure 53 – Final 1stGrid application in action