Stingray Studio : Objective Grid User’s Guide : PART I User’s Guide : Chapter 11 Build and Runtime Troubleshooting
Chapter 11 Build and Runtime Troubleshooting
This section discusses build problems while building the grid libraries.
Why does a grid initialized using SubclassDlgItem not show up in a dialog?
The “Class Name” in your Custom Control’s Properties dialog should be GXWND and not the C++ class name of your subclass. Also, check for GXInit and see if resources are included. Look for any TRACE messages. Dialog creation could have failed due to other reasons (not caused by the grid).
The grid never shows up in release mode. In debug mode, it ASSERTS inside the grid code when it tries to load a resource.
You probably forgot to call GXInit() in your application’s InitInstance(). In addition, do not forget to include the grid resources depending on your build configuration.