Chapter 3 Technical Overview
This section presents a technical discussion of the major features of Objective Grid. Objective Grid provides Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) developers with a feature-rich grid control implemented as a complete MFC class extension library.
Like MFC, MFC extensions are a group of C++ classes. They are built on and extend MFC classes. All Stingray MFC extension products come with complete Visual C++ compatible source code and can be built either as static libraries or as extension DLLs.
Since C++ was built with object oriented components in mind, MFC extensions are a very natural way to extend MFC. In fact, as you read the description of the Objective Grid classes, you will notice that we describe our extension classes using the familiar C++ class hierarchy charts. Our MFC extension classes fit so closely with MFC that you probably won’t even notice that you are using a different product.
Unlike other grid controls, Objective Grid has been built from the ground up with MFC compatibility as a major goal. The Objective Grid classes fit seamlessly with MFC and in many cases inherit from existing MFC classes such as CView or CWnd.