Stingray Studio : Objective Grid User’s Guide : PART II Programmer’s Guide : Chapter 20 Page Break and Scaled Printing Support
Chapter 20 Page Break and Scaled Printing Support
The CGXPageBreakPlugin class implements the page-break UI and scaled printing support for Objective Grid-based applications. It allows users to visually set page breaks for their grid using mouse drag-and-drop. It also allows users to scale and fit their grids to a specified number of pages wide and tall. These two behaviors are controlled by the m_bFitToPages variable.
*If m_bFitToPages is TRUE, then the grid will be scaled to fit the specified number of pages wide and tall, using the SetPageGrid API. In other words, users will have control over how many pages to divide the grid into but will not have control over where the page break should be. Scaling will be done in this mode only when the specified page break dimensions are different from the inherent page break dimensions of the grid.
*If m_bFitToPages is FALSE, users will be able to use the mouse to drag the existing page break line to a new position and to add new page break lines. However, if users drag page break lines farther than a printed page apart, the grid will automatically insert new page break lines in between. In this mode, users get an approximate WYSIWYG effect in the printing printout. No grid scaling is done in this mode.
Please refer to the sample located at <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Grid\ General\PageBreakUI.