Create a New CGXGridWnd Derived Class
In this step, a grid window class is derived from CGXGridWnd. In a later step, this class will be tied to a custom control on the dialog template.
1. Select Class View from the View menu.
2. Right click on DlgGrid and select Add, then Class.
3. Select MFC|MFC Class in the dialog box and click Add.
The MFC Add Class Wizard dialog box appears.
4. Specify CMyGridWnd in the Name: field.
5. Choose CWnd in the Base class: combo box.
6. Click Finish to close the MFC Add ClassWizard.
7. Open MyGridWnd.h.
8. Change the base class of CMyGridWnd from CWnd to CGXGridWnd.
9. Save and close MyGridWnd.h.
10. Open MyGridWnd.cpp.
11. Replace all occurrences of CWnd with CGXGridWnd.
12. Save and close MyGridWnd.cpp.