DlgGrid Project Settings
This step specifies that the application should use Objective Grid as a shared library. You should skip this step if you want to link statically to the Objective Grid libraries.
1. Select Solution Explorer from the View menu.
2. Right click DlgGrid and select Properties.
The Property Pages dialog box appears.
Figure 110 – Visual Studio Property Pages window
3. Choose All Configurations in the Configurations: combo box in the top-left corner of the dialog.
4. Exapand the C/C++ node and select Preprocessor. Add _GXDLL to the Preprocessor definitions. This step indicates that the application will link dynamically to Objective Grid. Do not specify _GXDLL if you wish to link to Objective Grid as a static library. _GXDLL is similar to the _AFXDLL preprocessor in that _AFXDLL specifies that the application will link to MFC as a dynamic library.
5. Click OK.