BrwsGrid Overview
This tutorial addresses the same issue of binding the grid to an external data source as the VirtGrid tutorial. But, the grid in this tutorial will provide extensive editing capabilities like basic field editing, adding rows and deleting rows, and enable the extensive list of grid features like floating cells, covered cells, hide rows/columns, sort rows, move columns, etc.
Take a look at the CGXBrowserGrid class description for detailed information on the browsing functionality it provides.
The explanation in this tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the “virtual mode” architecture and the browser architecture of the grid. If not, please take a look at “Browser Architecture” and Chapter 5, “Using Objective Grid.”
For illustration purposes, we are going to use an instance of CGXData, m_data, as the external data source to which the grid will be bound. Note that in your application you might have your own data structure or stubs that talk to an external data source.
Most of the functionality of this example is implemented inside overridden virtual functions.
Please refer to the sample located at <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Grid\Tutorial\BrwsGrid.