Objective Grid Defined
Objective Grid is a class framework that provides a Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) developer with extension classes that implement a grid control. A grid control is a user interface component that displays data in rows and columns, allowing end users to manipulate that data. The Objective Grid classes fit seamlessly with MFC and in many cases inherit from existing MFC classes such as CView or CWnd. Objective Grid implements a full set of grid features.
The Objective Grid class framework lets you create full featured spreadsheet applications with only minor programming effort. The required functionality is implemented by the grid framework. You can derive classes from the base classes provided with Objective Grid and extend the functionality as required.
Some of the important features of Objective Grid are:
*Ease of enhancement via C++ mechanisms and flexibility.
*Providing a variety of cell types (e.g. edit field, combo box, check box, list box).
*Object-oriented cell architecture lets developers add new custom cell types.
*Component-based architecture.
*Support for:
*Database connectivity (ODBC, ADO and any other data sources).
*Undo/Redo for grid operations.
*Printing and print preview.
*Find and Replace.
*Cut and Paste.
*International character sets through Unicode and DBCS.
NOTE >> Unicode is not supported in this version of the Excel read/write classes. When building Grid libraries with Unicode, an alternative to the read/write classes is Excel Automation, discussed in “Excel Automation with Objective Grid.”