Objective Grid automatically uses the system font as the default font. If you assign fonts to cells, be sure to use fonts that support international characters.
Far Eastern Languages
Objective Grid supports both Unicode and DBCS. That means you can either develop Unicode applications that support Japanese and Chinese or you can develop DBCS applications for these languages that run under supported platforms.
NOTE >> Unicode is not supported in this version of the Excel read/write classes. When building Grid libraries with Unicode, an alternative to the read/write classes is Excel Automation, discussed in“Excel Automation with Objective Grid.”
All edit cells support the IME window and can handle double byte characters.
Please, see “Character Sets.” for a workaround for enabling support for the Japanese locale.
Also, if Grid is built wityh ANSI-DBCS and is used with the Japanese locale, it is more effective to use CGXRichEditCtrl instead of CGXEditControl in cells where Japanese text is displayed.
Objective Grid provides resource files in English, French, Dutch, and German. By default, English resources are loaded during initialization. To use an alternate language, you need to do one of the following:
*Include grid\gxresdeu.rc in your application’s resource file. Then there is no need to ship gx##deu.dll.
*Build gx##deu.dll and call GXInit("Deu") in your InitInstance() method. Calling GXInit("Deu") only works when you are using Objective Grid as a shared DLL.
NOTE >> Be sure not to include gxres.rc in your applications resource file when using GXInit("Deu"). Otherwise, gxres.rc will be used for looking up resources.