Important Notes
In this section we list some limitations as well as general notes about the Excel read/write implementation with Objective Grid source code.
*If you have any data that is not recognized by this application (such as Visual Basic macros, for example) this code will be lost when the file is written out. If you are converting an existing Excel file to Objective Grid native format or editing it in Objective Grid, be sure to back up the Excel file first as a precaution. You may want to retain some fields that are not handled by the Objective Grid implementation. These fields will normally be lost when the file is saved by Objective Grid.
*We support only a small subset of the available Excel fields. We offer an extensible architecture that allows easy addition of support for any other fields that you desire.
*It is possible (and easy) to add support for Excel read/write to existing grid applications. This is demonstrated in a sample located at <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Grid\Excel\ExToExist.
*Full clipboard support for BIFF 8 is provided. The current implementation has a couple of restrictions, however:
*When formulas are copied from Excel to Objective Grid only the values that are the result of the Excel formulas are copied over to Grid; the formulas themselves are not copied over.
*Copying formulas from Grid to Excel is supported; formulas are copied, but because of syntax differences, Excel might not support all of the Objective Grid formulas.
*If you set the Text Color without setting the font, it will not appear in the saved Excel file because no FONT record will be created in the absence of other FONT data.
*Only U.S. English Excel files are supported.
*Unicode is not supported in this version of the Excel read/write classes. When building Grid libraries with Unicode, an alternative to the read/write classes is Excel Automation, discussed in “Excel Automation with Objective Grid.”
NOTE >> To use Excel Automation, ensure that the Excel read/write option is unchecked in the Grid Build Wizard.