Chapter 26 Excel Data Exchange Support
Objective Grid provides three different implementations for Grid-Excel interaction:
1. Reading and writing of Microsoft Excel files to the Stingray Objective Grid class library.
This feature is enabled with ExcelReadWrite option in Grid Build Wizard. This approach works with BIFF 8 format of Excel files and does not work with Unicode.
2. Excel Automation for integration with Grid.
This implementation is independent from the Excel read/write option and, unlike that option, also supports Unicode.
NOTE >> WARNING: To use this option with Unicode, ensure that the Excel read/write option is unchecked in the Grid Build Wizard.
In addition, it works with the newest versions of Excel, implements more cell formats, and can be easily extended to support even additional formats. Further, run-time data exchange between Grid and Excel is supported. Note that this approach requires that you have Excel installed on your system.
3. Use of additional GridExcelHelper library based on Office Open XML SDK
This approach allows you to read and write files with the current Excel format, .xlsx. Both the Office Open XML SDK and GridExcelHelper library are using managed code, so Common Language Runtime Support (/clr) is required in a C++ project. As mentioned above, if you build the Grid library with Unicode, the Excel read/write option should be unchecked in the Grid Build Wizard.