The 1stEdit Tutorial
In this section, you learn how to create a small application with Objective Edit. The application you build in this tutorial, 1stEdit, is a standard MDI application that is a syntax highlighting source code editor.
By the end of the tutorial, you will have worked with custom menus, find and replace, undo and redo, cut and paste, printing, OLE Drag-and-Drop, and dynamic splitter windows. Objective Edit includes many of these features itself, and makes implementing the rest easy.
Source code files, project files, and other necessary files for steps 1 and 2 of the tutorial are available from the Perforce Web site, as described in “Location of Sample Code” in the Getting Started part.
The tutorial consists of the following major steps:
*Step 1 - Generate a skeleton application with an SECEditView-derived view class.
*Step 2 – Add support for syntax highlighting.
*Step 3 - Add additional user interface support to the application.
These steps are described in detail in the major sections of this chapter. Whenever you are asked to add code, we provide a brief explanation of what that code references and what that code does in the Objective Edit context.
For each of the steps in 1stEdit, the project file, 1stEdit<ver>.sln, where <ver> is the Microsoft Visual Studio version, is stored in the appropriate subdirectory for the step. If you're reading the tutorial without adding code, you can still compile 1stEdit at each step to see how it looks and how it behaves. At each step, go to the specific subdirectory and open the project.