Getting Help
There are many avenues for getting help with Objective Edit.
To learn to use Objective Edit quickly and effectively, refer to the HTML documentation accessed at <stingray-installdir>\Docs\index.html. This file includes links to both the Objective Edit User Guide and its Class Reference.
In addition, see the readme file at <stingray-installdir>\EditReadme.htm.
For more information, see “Product Documentation” in the Stingray Studio Getting Started Guide.
Professional Services
Perforce Professional Services offers training and mentoring for all levels of project development, from analysis and design to implementation. For information on Professional Services for Stingray products, see
Perforce international offices provide training in many languages.
Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base contains a large body of useful information created by the Support Services team. It has been created to provide our customers with easy access to technical information. Knowledge Base entries range from common programming problems to complete sample programs and are constantly being updated and expanded. This information is available to any user of the Perforce Web site, and no login or registration is required. Go to
Technical Support
Software technical support for Stingray is available through our web site at for customers with a valid Maintenance and Support Agreement for Stingray.
Before entering a support request, check the Knowledge Base and other valuable resources available through the Perforce support page. These resources provide answers to many common technical questions.