Building the Objective Edit Libraries
Follow these steps to build the Objective Edit libraries:
1. Start Visual Studio.
2. Ensure that the Visual C++ directory paths are set correctly. Please refer to “Stingray Studio Paths in Property Sheets” in the Getting Started part for more detailed information about these IDE paths.
3. Open edit*.sln, where * indicates the appropriate supported and installed compiler version.
4. Choose the build configuration to build. You can build a single library, all ASCII libraries, all Unicode libraries, or all libraries.
5. Start the build.
Make Files and Building Directly with nmake
When you build the Stingray libraries in Visual Studio, Visual Studio invokes make files that ship with the product. For information on these underlying make files, and how to build the libraries by invoking nmake on these files directly, see “Building from the Command Line with nmake” in the Getting Started part.
This section also discusses the issue of building the libraries with 1-byte structure alignment rather than the default 8-byte structure alignment.