Using the Build Wizard
To build Objective Edit as a DLL, you can use the Build Wizard to create DLLs with names you select. Please refer to the “Build Wizard” section in the Getting Started Guide for more information.
NOTE >> The Edit Build Wizard now contains a checkbox to enable or disable the requirement for Regex. This checkbox is unchecked by default. Regex library solution files have also been updated to output the Regex libraries to the appropriate MFC product library directory by platform. For example, Win32 VC++ <ver> Regex libraries are now output to <stingray-installdir>\Lib\<ver>\x86. This output pattern is consistent for all supported compilers as well as x64 editions of the libraries. This means that the IDE path for Regex is no longer needed. Please refer to “Stingray Studio Paths in Property Sheets” in the Getting Started Guide for more detailed information about these IDE paths.
Also, you can find information about redistributables in Appendix 6 of regex.htm file located at <stingray-installdir>\Regex. As described in regex.htm, it is also possible to link to a static version of Regex++ and avoid installation of additional libraries.