Stingray Studio : Objective Edit User’s Guide : Chapter 2 Getting Started with Objective Edit
Chapter 2 Getting Started with Objective Edit
Building Objective Edit
You can build Objective Edit to support a variety of VC++/MFC configurations. For example, you can build Objective Edit with any of the supported compilers. In addition, you can specify your build configuration with any combination of build flags, such as debug or release, Unicode or ANSI, and static or DLL.
You can obtain prebuilt versions of the libraries by request to Perforce technical support. Prebuilt libraries are available for the currently supported operating systems with their associated, supported compilers. We recommend, however, that you build the libraries yourself. The prebuilt libraries are built with a particular instance of Visual Studio and the Windows operating system. Building the libraries yourself ensures that they are compatible with your version of the compiler and the operating system they are built on.
NOTE >> When you upgrade to the latest version of Objective Edit, you must uninstall the Stingray Foundation Library, as well as the old version of Objective Edit, before commencing with the new installation. If you fail to uninstall the old SFL, you will likely encounter errors during the linking process.