[Font] Section
The [Font] stanza (group of settings) affects the global editor settings. Some sample settings include:
FaceName = Courier
Size = 10
Italic = 0
Bold = 0
These settings are described in Table 15:
Table 12 – Key descriptions for the [Font] section 
The name of the font that renders the text. For ANSI, the default is Courier New (10pt); for MBCS, the default is Fixed Sys (12pt).
The font size in points.
(Obsolete setting.)
Specifies whether the font should be italic. Default=0.
(Obsolete setting.)
Specifies whether the font should be bold. Default=0.
NOTE >> Bold and Italic have been disabled because the logical position system is not compatible with these two font settings. These two font settings should remain at their default settings (0). If you restore these two font settings, the caret space will be shorter than the character width and the Screen Position and Logical Position won't synchronize correctly.
Although the settings remain, Bold and Italic are not supported in Objective Edit.