Stingray Studio : Objective Edit User’s Guide : Chapter 9 ATL and Objective Edit
Chapter 9 ATL and Objective Edit
Objective Edit components, like those from any other MFC extension library, can be used in an Active Template Library (ATL) application that has MFC support enabled. However, using Objective Edit components within ATL applications easily, effectively, and extensibly requires attention to several issues. These issues are not specific to Objective Edit; in fact, they apply to any other MFC extension library as well. To address them, we have provided a set of custom ATL object wizards and some sample code that will produce ATL ActiveX controls that wrap Objective Edit components right out of the box. In the following sections, we illustrate how to export Objective Edit component functionality (through the ATL ActiveX controls you develop) to the users of your controls.
NOTE >> If you should need assistance implementing the ATL functionality, assistance is available through Perforce Professional Services.