Chapter 15 Objective Chart Utility Toolkit
The Objective Chart Utility Toolkit (OCUT) adds new top-level functionality to Objective Chart. The Utility Toolkit uses the standard Objective Chart classes as a basis for creating more complex charts for data analysis.
Generally, Objective Chart does not perform any data analysis. It simply displays data that is provided in its internal or external data arrays. The OCUT system, however, performs analytical operations on the data and displays the results.
A good example of this analytical capability is the Histogram chart supplied with the OCUT kit. This chart determines the range of values in a set of data, divides the range into a number of slots, and then counts the number of data values in each slot. Once the count of all the data is finished, a bar chart is displayed showing the probability distribution of the input data.
The Toolkit currently contains Histogram charts, Fourier transform charts, and Statistical charts.