Simplify Graphics
Obviously, the more complex a chart is, the longer it takes to draw itself. The following suggestions are provided as general guidelines:
*Avoid compound displays. The nested quality of compound displays necessarily require more processing than standard displays.
*Limit filled regions. Large filled regions are slow to draw.
*Limit polygonal items such as wigets or line ends. Objective Chart stores these shapes in a compiled form, but their scalable nature makes them slow to draw.
*Avoid overlapping labels by using the techniques discussed in Chapter 7, “Customizing a Chart.” In particular, calling SRGraphStyle::GetXLCompatibility(FALSE) orients the x-axis labels perpendicular to the axis line and avoids the processing required to check for overlaps.
*Use the LineOnly graph style. The CX_GRAPH_LINEONLY graph style should be the fastest to draw large amounts of data. In addition to avoiding wigets and filled areas, its drawing code has been optimized for speed.