Product Features
Objective Chart includes these product features:
*written in C++ and 100% compatible with MFC; ships with full source code
*object-oriented architecture, so it’s easy to modify features via C++ mechanisms
*a presentation graphic system that displays graph components on panels with a three-dimensional look
*implements over thirty graph types
*easily extended to include your own custom graph types
*persistent storage of chart settings via serialization or in a text-based template file
*output of chart images to disk files in bitmap, DIB, and JPEG formats
*use of bitmap or JPEG images as background or polygon fills
*flexible access to data from a variety of sources
*an innovative annotation system that allows multilingual labeling of your graphs
*an interactive feedback system through which data items can be selected, highlighted, dragged, or annotated by graph tips
*inclusion of an end-user Chart Editor and a Chart Wizard that can be used to modify graphs or graph data
*Objective Chart’s view classes support multiple page printing
*an alternate Page Setup dialog, PageSetup2, lets the user choose between a few standard print sizes based on the page size of the currently selected printer. The user can also specify exact chart dimensions and margins. In particular, chart sizes larger than the printer page can be specified.
*The Objective Chart Utility Toolkit (OCUT) adds top-level functionality including histogram charts, statistical charts, and Fourier transform charts. The OC Utility Toolkit is described in Chapter 15.
*Microsoft Visual Studio integration (including the Objective Chart AppWizard) makes the creation of new chart applications a snap. The OC AppWizard is described in Chapter 14.
*comprehensive online help, including the Objective Chart User’s and Programmer’s Guide and the Objective Chart Class Reference; help files integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio user interface, providing programming aids such as IntelliSense, AutoComplete, and context-sensitive help