Disabling Mouse-Initiated Functions
When the graph is displayed in a view (SRGraphView, SRGScrollView, SREGraphView, or SREScrollView), the user can interact with the data items using the mouse cursor. The mouse message handlers use the feedback mechanism to provide data selection, zooming, data dragging, and chart tips. All of these features are enabled by default, but they can be selectively disabled.
To disable all mouse-initiated functions (and reduce the time required to display the chart):
*Call the SRGraph function SetFeedbackLogging(FALSE).
*Consider using the standard CView as the base class instead of SRGraphView.
To disable data dragging, call SRGraphView::SetDragable(FALSE).
To disable zooming, call SRGraphView::SetZoomable(FALSE).
To disable dragging, selection, and zooming, but keep feedback and highlighting active, override OnLButtonDown() with a do-nothing function.