MFC Integration
Sections “Document and View Integration” and “Documents” describe Objective Chart’s integration with MFC, including:
*Document and View Integration
Document and View Integration
Objective Chart graph objects can be stored practically anywhere, and they can be displayed in virtually any window. If the chart is the main emphasis of your application, Objective Chart provides valuable enhancements to the MFC document/ view architecture.
It is often convenient to store the SRGraph object as a member of a document. Storing SRGraph objects this way allows the chart to be serialized along with other data using standard MFC functions. It also makes the chart accessible by all view classes that are associated with the document.
Objective Chart documents can be very basic. An Objective Chart document contains an SRGraph data member, and it overrides the CDocument::Serialize() function to perform direct serialization of the chart member. A document class (CGraphDoc) is supplied with the library, but is not required to use Objective Chart.
Some of the sample programs use a document derived from a class called SECComDoc. This is a specialized class designed to facilitate communication between Objective Chart and Objective Grid documents, or other MFC-based documents, that need to communicate directly with a chart. Using SECComDoc is not a requirement for using Objective Chart, and SECComDoc can be used without a chart. The Communication Document System is described in the Programmer’s Guide.