Chapter 7 Customizing a Chart
Using Components
This chapter presents information about the various methods that you can use to modify a chart’s content and appearance. The focus here is on the basic chart components and the standard display. More advanced topics, including the creation of custom chart types and the compound component system, are presented in the Programmer’s Guide section of this manual.
After looking at the guidelines in this chapter, if you need further information about customizing a chart, please visit the Perforce Knowledge Base,
To a large degree, the developer’s task in building an Objective Chart involves creating various components, setting style flags to select desired display options, and adding the components to the component list.
The various component classes form a hierarchy. All components inherent common functionality from a common base class. First, the common attributes that manage the component position, background, border, and foreground appearance are discussed. Then the specialized component classes that provide background panels, titles, labels, legends, and graph displays are explored.