Chapter 6 Chart Types
Chart Types Overview
Objective Chart supports a number of basic chart and axis types. The code for drawing the axes, labels, and data for all these graphs is contained in SRGraphDisplay and its related classes.
To select a graph type, call SRGraphStyle::SetGraphStyle(CX_GRAPH_XXXXX) with one of the defined graph styles for the display component’s style member.
To select an axis type, call SRGraphStyle::SetAxisStyle(CX_AXIS_XXXXX).
Each graph type may support a limited subset of the available axis types. The default axis type, CX_AXIS_AUTOMATIC, selects an appropriate axis for the graph type. Chapter 7, “Customizing a Chart,” lists all the available chart and axis types. A table in that chapter lists the axis types supported for each chart type.
Some graph types require data supplied in a specific format. Furthermore, the graph type determines what effect the various style objects contained in the display component, the data lists, and the individual data items have on the graphic elements.
The following topics describe the supported graph types and present some implementation details. It is convenient to organize the graph types according to the axis types supported. The thumbnails images show how data are represented in the basic chart types. Of course, these small bitmaps do not accurately represent the visual quality of normal-sized graphs produced by Objective Chart.