Objective Chart Libraries
The Objective Chart package comprises three separate libraries. Each library can be linked statically or dynamically to your application. These libraries and options are described below.
Stingray Foundation Library
The Stingray Foundation Library implements general-purpose classes and routines; most Stingray products depend on the Stingray Foundation Library. It contains the SECImage classes used to provide image filling, the toolbar, and other utility classes used to enhance the application’s appearance. This library is automatically built if not present and may be accessed from any of the StingrayLibraries<ver>.sln. To change this library's options, run its Build Wizard. For more information, please see the sections “Building SFL Libraries with the Visual Studio Solution” and “SFL Build Wizard” in the Stingray Foundation Library User's Guide.
Standard Objective Chart Library
The standard library Build Wizard has two main options and several sub-options. The default is the most commonly used choice. It builds the whole library and uses the SRGraphDisplay class as the main display engine.
The other choice is the custom library, which does not use the SRGraphDisplay class, but allows the selection of compact classes that are designed to perform only one drawing task. For example, it is possible to create a library that supports only Line and Pie graphs. This library may be accessed from any of the StingrayLibraries<ver>.sln. To change this library's options, run its Build Wizard. Refer to “Building Objective Chart” for further details.
NOTE >> This library may only be built after the common library has been successfully compiled.
Objective Chart Utility Toolkit
The Objective Chart Utility Toolkit (OCUT) is an optional part of the Objective Chart system and is not needed for all applications. If needed it must be compiled after the standard Objective Chart library.
OCUT provides classes and functionality that use the standard Objective Chart classes as a basis for creating more complex data analysis charts. This library contains histogram charts, Fourier transform charts, and statistical charts.
A link to this library’s Build Wizard is provided on the Start menu under Stingray Studio | Objective Chart <version>.
NOTE >> You need to build this library only if the advanced functions are required. The OCUT library(ies) must be built after the Stingray Foundation library(ies) and Objective Chart library(ies).