Notes on Objective Chart Installation
These notes may help you avoid or repair problems during the installation process.
*During installation, several entries are added to the registry and environmental variables. The limits on the length of environmental variables may be reached in some cases. You need to manually edit the PATH, LIB, and INCLUDE strings to remove old, unused directories. Some directory names may have to be shortened. The environmental strings can be edited on the Control Panel | System | Advanced tab | Environment Variables button.
*Visual Studio should not be running when Objective Chart is installed. If Visual Studio is running during installation, it must be exited and restarted before it will register the new settings.
*Windows must be restarted after installation to establish the paths to the new Objective Chart DLLs.
*For Microsoft Visual Studio, the Objective Chart HTML help files and the other Objective Chart products are automatically integrated with Visual Studio's MSDN Help system. After installation, when MSDN Help is activated the first time, MSDN rebuilds its index database. This process can take an unexpectedly long time, and MSDN may appear to be hung. Please be patient and allow the process time to finish.
*Help file integration has been problematic for some customers. Integration details seem to change with every MSDN release. Please check the Knowledge Base on our web site for the latest information on troubleshooting Help file integration. The Perforce Knowledge Base is located at