Using Compiler Option /clr
The porting of MFC projects to the .NET platform can also be accomplished through the /clr compiler option. Here are some resources for using this approach:
*For documentation, see “Using Objective Grid in a WinForm,” in the Objective Grid part.
*For samples:
*The specific samples, <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Grid\Integration with .NET and <stingray-installdir>\Samples\Views\Integration with .NET, demonstrate not only /clr compilation and linkage, but also the use of .NET managed API calls.
*Additional samples are available from the Stingray Knowledge Base:
Using Objective Grid with C++/CLI,
Stingray Studio MFC Projects Integration with .NET,
*For examples of any build configuration with the prefix, mngd_, please refer to the FoundationEx and GridEx libraries, as well as all Stingray samples’ mngd_ build configurations in their associated and supported Visual Studio compiler solution and project files. The samples demonstrate the compilation and linkage using the /clr option while linking to a library which also uses this option, as well as linking to unmanaged Stingray library build configurations.