Next Steps
We’ve used examples from Objective Grid and Objective Views to describe migrating Stingray MFC controls to .NET. You can use the same approach to migrate Objective Edit, Objective Chart and certain portions of Objective Toolkit to be used with .NET. Further development of this approach should allow porting projects with more sophisticated GUIs.
The following articles will be helpful for learning PInvoke and relevant migration approaches:
*“Managed Extensions for C++ Migration Guide":
*"Mixing Managed and Unmanaged Code," by Nick Van den Abbeele:
*"Walkthrough: Porting an Existing Native C++ Application to Interoperate with .NET Framework Components":
*"C# And APIs", by Ajit Mungale:
*"Call Unmanaged Code Part 2-Marshal Class," by Vyacheslav Biktagirov:
*"Call Unmanaged DLLs from C#, Killing Processes Cleanly":
*"Marshaling Data with Platform Invoke":
*"Working with Win32 API in .NET," by Shrijeet Nair: