Stingray Studio : Getting Started Guide : Chapter 7 Porting MFC Controls to the .NET® Platform with PInvoke
Chapter 7 Porting MFC Controls to the .NET® Platform with PInvoke
This chapter describes how to port Stingray MFC controls to Microsoft® .NET®, with minimal changes in existing MFC projects. It is based on the Platform Invocation (PInvoke) feature for data exchange between MFC and C# parts of the project. VB .NET code will be very similar. This method is advantageous in that it allows the use of old DLLs in new .NET WinForm projects.
NOTE >> The samples described in this chapter demonstrate only a limited implementation of an approach for migrating MFC components to .NET. Support for the implementation of additional features based on this technology is beyond regular Technical Support Services; however, Consulting Services may provide additional assistance. Contact your sales representative for more information.
Another way of porting MFC controls to the .NET platform uses the compiler option /clr. For more information, see “Using Compiler Option /clr”.