Subsystems and Packages
Within the directory structure, the source code is organized into subsystems and packages. A package is a collection of headers and source files that provide related functionality. A subsystem is a collection of one or more packages. For example, the Foundation subsystem contains packages such as Layout, MVC, Events, Properties, Image, and Print. This organization helps to modularize class libraries and maps very neatly onto UML.
Each Stingray Studio product consists of one or more subsystem. For the most part, subsystems correspond to individual products. However, a product may consist of more than one subsystem, so it is not strictly a one-to-one relationship. This organization provides more flexibility in the way that products are packaged, without adding complexity to the configuration of the source code. Table 6 lists the Stingray Studio subsystems.
Table 6 – Stingray Studio subsystems 
Subsystem Name
Objective Chart classes
Objective Edit classes
Stingray Foundation Library
Objective Grid classes
Objective Toolkit classes
Objective Views classes
UXTheme global drawing functions
MFC 9 and higher feature pack Foundation extension classes
FoundationEx .NET
MFC 9 and higher feature pack Foundation .NET extension classes
MFC 9 and higher feature pack Grid extension classes
The Foundation subsystem is installed with all Stingray Studio products.