Licensing Restrictions
Please read the license agreement that was shipped with this package. You are bound by the licensing restrictions contained in that document. Do not use this product unless you can accept all the terms of the license agreement.
You can use all the files accompanying this product for development of an application. You can distribute Stingray Studio component’s Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) according to the terms of the license agreement.
Your applications can also statically link to the components of Stingray Studio, in which case you do not need to redistribute any Stingray Studio files — except any required language configuration files.
Library Dependencies for Distribution
If you are dynamically linking to Stingray Studio libraries in your applications, you must be sure to distribute any dependent libraries, or DLLs. This section details dependencies specific to the overall product; for more information on individual component dependencies, see the relevant user’s guide.
If a component is dependent on either a specific library or another component, it means that there is a build and/or link dependency.
*All Stingray components are dependent on the Stingray Foundation (SFL) DLLs. The RWUXTheme libraries will be automatically built when building any of the individual Stingray MFC product library build configurations. Any build configuration with the term, "All", does not build the RWUXTheme libraries. We recommend using the Batch Build option under the Build menu option in the MSVC IDE.
*Objective Edit and Objective Toolkit have optional dependencies on the Regex++ (regular expression) DLLs, depending on your selection in the Build Wizard during the component’s initial build. The Regex option is unchecked by default.
For more information about each product's Build Wizard's usage and options, please refer to each product's section about the Build Wizard.
You can also distribute the MFC DLLS with your application. Look in the compiler's root directory where you installed Visual Studio (or a previous version of VC++). You should find a document named redist.txt. This document gives details about which MFC files need to be distributed with various configurations.
Distribution of MFC product libraries will also include the distribution of the SFL, RWUXTheme, and optional Regex DLLs for DLL build configurations.
Distribution of all dependent Stingray Studio DLLs is required and subject to the Perforce® Stingray® License Terms and Conditions.