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ValidateCellEventArgs Class
Supplies data for the ValidateCell event of the CellControl class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Stingray.Grid
Assembly: Stingray.GridControl (in Stingray.GridControl.dll) Version: [TAG_DECIMAL_VERSION]
public class ValidateCellEventArgs : CellEventArgs

The ValidateCellEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public methodValidateCellEventArgs
Initializes a new ValidateCellEventArgs object for a given cell.
Public propertyCol
Gets or sets the column index of the cell.
(Inherited from CellEventArgs.)
Public propertyIsValid
Gets or sets whether the data in the cell is valid.
Public propertyRow
Gets or sets the row index of the cell.
(Inherited from CellEventArgs.)
These event arguments are supplied to any overridden ValidateCell event handler, as well as to any delegates attached to the ValidateCell event.
The ValidateCell event is invoked when the grid checks for valid data in the specified cell. This occurs just before the contents of a cell are transferred. You cannot use GetValueRowCol(UInt32, UInt32) to determine the value of the current cell, and you cannot use SetValueRange to change the value of the current cell. This is because the cell value has not been transferred to the grid by the time the event is invoked. GetValueRowCol(UInt32, UInt32) would then return the value that was present before the cell was changed.
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