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MButtonDblClkRowColEventArgs Class
Supplies data for the MButtonDblClkRowCol event of the GridControl class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Stingray.Grid
Assembly: Stingray.GridControl (in Stingray.GridControl.dll) Version: [TAG_DECIMAL_VERSION]
public class MButtonDblClkRowColEventArgs : ButtonClickedRowColEventArgs

The MButtonDblClkRowColEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public methodMButtonDblClkRowColEventArgs
Initializes a new MButtonDblClkRowColEventArgs object at the indicated location.
Public propertyCol
Gets or sets the column index of the cell.
(Inherited from CellEventArgs.)
Public propertyFlags
Gets or sets the button click flags.
(Inherited from ButtonClickedRowColEventArgs.)
Public propertyHandled
Gets or sets a value to show that the event has been handled.
(Inherited from ButtonClickedRowColEventArgs.)
Public propertyPoint
Gets or sets the coordinates of the mouse click.
(Inherited from ButtonClickedRowColEventArgs.)
Public propertyRow
Gets or sets the row index of the cell.
(Inherited from CellEventArgs.)
These event arguments are supplied to any overridden MButtonDblClkRowCol event handler, as well as to any delegates attached to the MButtonDblClkRowCol event.
The MButtonDblClkRowCol event is invoked when the user has double-clicked the middle mouse button on a grid cell.
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