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DrawTopLeftBottomRightEventArgs Class
Supplies data for the DrawTopLeftBottomRight event of the GridControl class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Stingray.Grid
Assembly: Stingray.GridControl (in Stingray.GridControl.dll) Version: [TAG_DECIMAL_VERSION]
public class DrawTopLeftBottomRightEventArgs : EventArgs

The DrawTopLeftBottomRightEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBottom
Gets or sets the bottom of the range.
Public propertyLeft
Gets or sets the left side of the range.
Public propertyRight
Gets or sets the right side of the range.
Public propertyTop
Gets or sets the top of the range.
These event arguments are supplied to any overridden DrawTopLeftBottomRight event handler, as well as to any delegates attached to the DrawTopLeftBottomRight event.
The DrawTopLeftBottomRight event occurs whenever a range of cells is drawn, either to the screen or to a printer. This class supplies the top, left, bottom, and right cell coordinates of the range of cells being drawn.
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