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ControlType Enumeration
The predefined control types.

Namespace: Stingray.Grid
Assembly: Stingray.GridUtils (in Stingray.GridUtils.dll) Version: [TAG_DECIMAL_VERSION]
public enum ControlType
  Member nameValueDescription
Label52513 Static Label Control
Header52520 Header Control similar to Row and Column Headers
TextBox52512 TextBox Control
SpinEdit52519 Spin Control
ScrollEdit52521 TextBox with a Scroll Bar
HotSpotEdit52518 TextBox with a HotSpot Button
RichEdit52534 RichEdit Control; helps with formatting individual characters
MaskEdit52535 Standard Mask Edit Control
Password52537 Password Edit control
Button52514 Push Button
RadioButton52515 Radio Button
RadioButton3D52524 Radio Button 3D Look
Checkbox20131 CheckBox Control
ListBox52522 ListBox
DropDown52528 Drop down
DropDownList52529 Drop down list
TabbedDropDown52539 Tabbed drop down
TabbedDropDownList52540 Tabbed drop down list
ComboBox52517 ComboBoxes
ValidatedComboBox52527 ComboBox; permits entering a string that is available as one of the choices
TabbedComboBox52541 Tabbed combo box
CheckListComboBox52542 ComboBox with CheckBox for each choice
ZeroBasedComboBox52525 Returns the index of the selected choice with zero as the starting index
OneBasedComboBox52526 Returns the index of the selected choice with one as the starting index
ZeroBasedComboBoxEx52532 Zero-based combo box
OneBasedComboBoxEx52531 One-based combo box
DateTime52543 DateTime Control with Calendar for input
DateTimeNoCalendar52544 DateTime Control without Calendar for input
Currency52545 Curreny Text Box
ProgressBar52536 Progress Bar
A cell can have any one of these control types embedded.
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