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StyleInfo Methods

The StyleInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberConvertDashStyle
Converts a border dash style in to a System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle.
Public methodStatic memberCultureDisplayName
Formats a culture name for display in the Designer.
Public methodStatic memberGetCulture
Gets the culture name from a formatted string.
Public methodStatic memberGetFaceName
Gets the face name for the font at the specified index.
Public methodStatic memberGetFaceNameIndex
Gets the index given a face name.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormatPreviewValue
Computes a default value for a given data type, so it can be used for preview.
Public methodStatic memberGetFormatType
Converts a TypeCode into a FormatType.
Public methodStatic memberGetStyleValueType
Converts a TypeCode into a StyleValueType.
Public methodStatic memberIsFormatTypeBoolean
Determines whether a given TypeCode is a Boolean format.
Public methodStatic memberIsFormatTypeDateTime
Determines whether a given TypeCode is a date or time format.
Public methodStatic memberIsFormatTypeNumeric
Determines whether a given TypeCode is numeric.
Public methodStatic memberIsFormatTypeString
Determines whether a given TypeCode is a string format.
Public methodStatic memberisValidCulture
Tests if a culture name is valid.
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