Select Components
This screen allows you to select components. Components are products, modules, and examples made available with the installation of each SourcePro product. Placing a check mark beside a component indicates a selection.
To select components, you have two choices:
*Select individual components within a set. Expanding the component’s tree structure allows you to exercise complete control over the component selection process. This allows you to fine-tune the buildspec that you are creating.
*Select a high‑level checkbox. Selecting an entire product or module indicates that you want to select all items lower in the tree.
RCB enforces component dependencies. In other words, RCB ensures that the buildspec you create has all the components it requires to function properly. If a required component is missing, RCB displays a warning that lists the component and offers two choices: Yes and Cancel.
Selecting Yes causes RCB to automatically select the required products and then continue with the buildspec creation process. Selecting Cancel returns you to the Component Selection screen.
For a detailed explanation, see Select Components.