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You can search Rogue Wave® documentation through the search engine on our web site. This search page gives you the option of searching just the product documentation, or of searching the Web site itself and the support knowledgebase as well.

There is a comprehensive index covering all of the user guides in the documentation set. This index was created by combining the entries for all of the individual document indexes.

SourcePro C++ Documentation

Introduction to SourcePro C++

SourcePro C++ API Documentation

SourcePro C++ API Reference Guide

Rogue Wave Component Builder
(RCB) Documentation

Installing and Building
Your SourcePro C++ Products
Rogue Wave Component Builder (RCB):
Building Your Applications

User Guides

SourcePro Core Documentation

Essential Tools ModuleUser's Guide
Threads Module User's Guide
Platform User's Guide
Internationalization Module User's Guide
Advanced Tools Module User's Guide
XML Streams Module User's Guide

SourcePro DB Documentation

DB Interface Module User's Guide
DB XA Module User's Guide
DB Access Module for DB2 CLI User's Guide
DB Access Module for Microsoft SQL Server User's Guide
DB Access Module for MySQL User's Guide
DB Access Module for ODBC User's Guide
DB Access Module for Oracle OCI User's Guide
DB Access Module for PostgreSQL User's Guide
DB Access Module for Sybase CT User's Guide

SourcePro Net Documentation

Essential Networking Module User's Guide
Internet Protocols Module User's Guide
Secure Communication Module User's Guide

SourcePro Analysis Documentation

Essential Math Module User's Guide
Business Analysis Module User's Guide
Currency Module User's Guide
Linear Algebra Module User's Guide

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