Using HydraExpress with SourcePro C++
By default, HydraExpress generates classes that map schema types to C++ Standard Library classes. However, HydraExpress also provides a -sourcepro option to generate code that uses Rogue Wave SourcePro C++ classes. See Table 4 for details on the SourcePro mapping.
HydraExpress is certified against SourcePro C++ 2016. Previous versions of SourcePro C++ may work with this version of the HydraExpress XML binding functionality, but this is not guaranteed. If you encounter problems trying to use an older version of SourcePro C++, please speak with your Rogue Wave account representative.
Specifically, these are the SourcePro datatypes used in the generated code:
If your edition of SourcePro C++ has these classes, it should be compatible. If you have an older version that lacks one of more of these classes, you can create a custom mapping to some other datatype through the XML binding configuration file, as documented in Creating Customized Mappings.