Generator Output
The classes and other files generated for this example are the same as for the Basic example. For a description of the generated code generation directory structure and specific generated files, see Generated Files.
Note the generated file po1_main.cpp in the namespaceExample\app\data directory. You can create an application main by editing this file. Replace the TODO items with your application logic. Compile your application as described in Building and Compiling.
This example description assumes use of the implemented version of po1_main.cpp located in the installdir\examples\xmlbinding\namespace directory. Before compiling, copy the file po1_main.cpp into the namespaceExample\app\data directory and the file po1.xml into the namespaceExample\bin directory.
NOTE: Source code other than that in the app directory is not overwrite protected. You should never add business logic or make any other changes to the generated source code as these changes are lost the next time the code is generated.