Building and Compiling
To build the generated classes, use the generated makefile. First, copy the provided files as follows, allowing them to overwrite the generated files of the same name: complexContent_main.cpp to the complexContentExample\app\data directory; and complexContent.xml to the complexContentExample\bin directory.
NOTE: On UNIX/Linux, you must set your RWSF_HOME environment variable before using the makefiles. On Windows, be sure you have run the script rwsfvars.bat and set up your command window with the MSVC environment.
1. From the code generation directory complexContentExample, invoke the following command specific to your operating system.
This builds the shared library for all of your generated classes.
2. To build the libraries and the sample application together, issue the nmake command and specify the sample complexContent_main application target:
nmake complexContent_main.exe
make complexContent_main