Adding Third Party Includes to Makefiles
To include third-party libraries or other includes in your project, add them to the generated include makefile, makefile.include, located in the top level of your code generation directory. This file is included in the top-level makefiles and supports easy customization and editing of your makefiles.
For example, the default generated makefile.include for the Windows platform contains the following compiler and linker flags:
CPP_BASE_FLAGS= /nologo /EHsc /GR /Zm400 /W3 $(CONFIGDEF)
So, if you are using SourcePro and wish to link in the Threads Module, add the includes and link in the library as follows:
CPP_BASE_FLAGS= /nologo /EHsc /GR /Zm400 /W3 $(CONFIGDEF)
thread$(TAG).lib functor$(TAG).lib tls$(TAG).lib functor_list$(TAG).lib
functor_map$(TAG).lib itc$(TAG).lib pointer$(TAG)lib sync$(TAG).lib
threxcept$(TAG).lib trace$(TAG).lib -$I$(SP_HOME)
where SP_HOME defines the directory where your SourcePro installation is located.