Customizing the Name of a Makefile
HydraExpress provides an option at code generation that allows you to name the generated makefiles anything you wish. This is useful to distinguish between makefiles generated for different purposes.
For example, say you have a project for a service that may or may not use database access for its data needs. To create two variants of this project, you might enter something like:
prompt> rwsfgen -makefilename makefile.db MyProject-DB.xml
where “makefile.db” will be the name of the makefile, and the options in a HydraExpress project file MyProject-DB.xml are appropriate for the database variant of the service.
When you call make or nmake, you may wish to use the clean target in order to delete all libraries and binaries created from the previous call to make, since the artifacts created may vary between to two variants of the project.
<prompt> make -f makefile.db clean