Editing the handlers.xml File
In the example above, the configuration file handlers_handlers.xml is code generated. If a file named handlers_handlers.xml already exists, the generator appends sample to the name of the generated file so as not to overwrite changes to a previously-generated sample handlers configuration file.
If you create a new handlers configuration file, or change its name, you must also change its name in the handlers_web.xml service descriptor file. For more information on the web.xml deployment descriptor, see About the Servlet Used by the Service.
At deployment, your handlers configuration file is copied to your servlet context directory as <installdir>\apps\servlets\<context>\handlers.xml (note the file name change to remove the context name) where it is overwritten each time the service is deployed, so be careful when making changes to it. It is recommended that you edit the <servicecontextname>_handlers.xml in your project and re-run the deploy target if changes to the configuration are required. The servlet context directory derives its name from the SOAP address in the WSDL. For instance, for
<soap:address location="http://localhost:8090/handlers/Handlers"/>
the context directory is handlers, and the servlet is Handlers. For this URL, <servicecontextname>_handlers.xml would be copied to: