Generate Code
Before we create a custom handler, we’ll generate code from the supplied handlers.wsdl. Open a command prompt and change to the directory <installdir>\examples\webservices\Handlers. Then generate code as following:
prompt>rwsfgen example-project.xml
NOTE: The HydraExpress project file example-project.xml includes all options and files to be used as an argument to the code generator, so using this file results in exactly the same generated code as providing the options and files directly. For more information on the use of HydraExpress project files in the shipped examples, see “The Use of the HydraExpress Project File in Shipped Examples,” in the HydraExpress User Guide.
HydraExpress will generate code based on handlers.wsdl into a directory, HandlersExample. For basic information on how to generate code, see Chapter 3, Creating a Web Service.
Now we’re ready to create a handler.